Workshops Concept

JH Engström and Margot Wallard founded the Atelier Smedsby in 2012, an innovative web-based, one year photographic workshop. Spurred on by their initial success they set about enhancing the workshop.

Using their experience and contacts in the world of contemporary photography, they have developed a supplementary program including seminars, portfolio reviews and short 3-5 day photo workshops led by world-renowned photographers.

Atelier Smedsby

One Year international web-based photo Workshops

This workshop forms the core of the Atelier Smedsby led by JH Engstrom and Margot Wallard. This distance learning course includes three individual/group meetings in Paris. Between meetings the participants are expected to report monthly on their progress via Skype.

The distinctive feature of the photographic workshop is its year-long duration that allows the participants the opportunity to develop their project and their artistic independence.


3-5 Days workshops

Led by some of the best contemporary photographers, these short, intensive workshops aim to develop each participant’s individual style. The programs are tailored to the participants' interests and embrace all photographic styles.

Atelier Smedsby
Atelier Smedsby


Gallery owners, editors, writers and photographers will be invited to share their experience, perspectives and approaches to their jobs.

These meetings will allow the participants to interact with the presenters through discussions and questions.


Portfolio Reviews

The Atelier Smedsby provides participants with the opportunity to meet, in person, influential people in the world of photography, to present their work for personalised feedback and to enlarge their professional network.

Atelier Smedsby
Atelier Smedsby


The Atelier Smedsby takes place in Montreuil, 3 metro stations from Paris !