The year at the Smedsby Atelier started with the desire to integrate colour in my photography. Previously I have mostly made quite abstract black and white images, that nearly look like drawings. This year has been about finding a way to scrape off the naturalism that is embedded in colour. My process involves composing layered images, taking away the innate realism, allowing them to become more and more abstract.

'The Memory of Time' is a study about the plasticity of time and light, to see time and light as something elastic. For me there is a strong correlation between the impermanence of light and the fluidity of time.

For 'The Memory of Time' I explored abstract spaces. Places that cannot be deciphered immediately, they evoke a kind of an altered state of perception. What interests me most, are architectural structures where light can fleet in and out, creating a new space. For me each image gravitates around the same core: the mystery of the in-between places of the subconscious. In capturing the 'non-places' created by the interaction of light and structure, I hope to translate my innermost voice into images, as well as open the viewer to theirs.